How to check for theme or plugin conflicts

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How to check for theme or plugin conflicts

WordPress plugin or theme conflict can down your entire website. It’s a common issue when you use several plugins on your websites. So, it’s always recommended to check for theme or plugin conflicts to avoid major performance issues.

These conflicts usually come as a result of:

  1. A conflict between the theme and a newly used plugin or newly updated plugin.
  2. A conflict between the theme or plugin and your current WordPress version.
  3. A conflict between 2 or more plugins.

If any conflict occurs, some of your website features may stop working or display an unwanted error to your visitors. There are several ways to check for theme or plugin conflicts.  Follow these simple steps to check for theme or plugin conflict and make your website secure.

  1. Backup your full website including the database before start checking conflicts. You can use a backup plugin like Duplicator or All in one WP migration to backup your websites.
  2. Point out your conflict issue.
  3. Deactivate the current activated theme and activate a default theme from WordPress like Twenty Twenty-One or Twenty-Twenty.
  4. After activating a default theme, check whether your conflict issue is solved or not. If the issue still exists, you need to check for a plugin conflict.
  5. Deactivate all the plugins and check the conflict issue. Usually, the issue will be solved by deactivating the theme and plugins.
  6. If the conflict issue is solved by deactivating the current theme and all the plugins, you need to activate them one by one and check which plugin or theme causes the conflict issue.
  7. When you find the affected plugin or theme, you can investigate the issue easily.

Its always recommended not to use any conflicting plugins or themes on your websites. It can be harmful to your website and can reduce its security of the website. So, check for theme and plugin conflicts regularly.


Always use up-to-date plugins and themes that are available in the WordPress environment. You always need to check the plugin or theme availability and regular update, and a changelog when using them.


There are some common messages displayed when the plugin or theme is outdated or no longer maintained by the author.


You can find those plugins or themes by checking the last update date and a warning message that is maintained by WordPress itself.

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